The Non Fat Dry Milk You Grew Up With and More!

Welcome to ALBA! We've been a trusted name in fine dairy products for over 40 years, and we make great products that are good for your bones and good for your health.

You never outgrow your need for calcium. Your bones have stopped growing, but they haven't stopped changing. You need more calcium now than you did as a child to keep your bones strong and healthy.

ALBA Nonfat Dry Milk is an ideal way to get calcium. ALBA is 100% real milk, the best food source of calcium there is. ALBA has all the goodness of fresh milk from the dairy case, without the fat and water. Each 8 ounce glass of ALBA contains 322 mg of calcium. And ALBA is fortified with Vitamin D to help your body absorb the calcium readily.

And there's more to ALBA than Nonfat Dry Milk. Be sure to try our cool, refreshing ALBA Snack Shake Mixes.